Rashford squandered many opportunities in the 2-2 draw against Leicester in 15th round the FA Cup

Rashford squandered many opportunities in the 2-2 draw against Leicester in 15th round the FA Cup

Criticism for MU after a 2-2 draw against Leicester City will be very unfair. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s army is back to being a real big team? May. And are they eligible to compete for the FA Cup title with Liverpool?

MU has progressed. The strange resilience after each failure has helped the Manchester City representative rise strongly recently. However, they still lack the maturity to get 3 points at the crucial moment.

MU deserves criticism because many individuals have not played well. Leicester is not like Leeds or Everton, opponents that MU easily beat recently. However, the developments at King Power Stadium show that MU has certain progress in gameplay.

Representatives of Manchester City countered the defensive weapon of Leicester during the two main rounds. However, this problem is resolved by coach Ole Solskjaer when MU creates many scoring opportunities.

The football of Manchester City’s representatives is also elegant. It gives fans confidence that their pet team can find goals. MU has done that. All thanks to the formation has depth.

However, Solskjaer’s MU is not a perfect team. They lack the patience to defeat every opponent. Because of this, MU continuously squandered scoring opportunities. Coach Solskjaer was right when he felt disappointed after the match.

The Norwegian strategist’s team plays well against a nasty opponent. According to WhoScored, MU launched 9 shots on goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel’s goal, of which 4 times the ball hit the target.

Rahsford scored against Leicester. However, people remember many of the opportunities that he missed. The English striker needs to work to overcome the great pressure on his feet, if he wants to become a class striker.

The way MU defended against Leicester was somewhat passive. And they have to taste the bitter fruit because of this. Bruno Fernandes and Scott McTominay should have quickly approached Harvey Barnes as soon as Leicester’s No. 15 had the ball.

Ronaldo scored 2 goals to help Juventus close the first position

Ronaldo scored 2 goals to help Juventus close the first position

Juventus defeated Parma 4-0 in the matchof the 13th round of Serie A in the morning. After a memorable performance in the Atalanta draw, Ronaldo shone back with 2 goals.

Thereby that’s helping Juventus to win 3 points against Parma. This result helps the defending champion temporarily narrow the gap with the top team AC Milan to 1 point.

The defending champions of Serie A flooded the opponent’s field after the opening whistle. With the mobility of Alex Sandro, the left wing is the main attack direction of Juventus.

Parma arranged the majority of the defense, but only survived until the 23rd minute. A series of home team players were helpless before the cross from Alex Sandro, Kulusevski comfortably reached the end to defeat goalkeeper Sepe.

Just 3 minutes later, Juve had a double goal, continuing from an attack phase on the left. Alvaro Morata had a bad finish, but had a suspended ball like Cristiano Ronaldo turned high and hit the home team’s net.

CR7 scored his 11th Serie A goal this season, a feat that helped him overcome Ibrahimovic to lead the top scorer list. Everything went well for Ronaldo, when he had the next goal when the second half took 3 minutes.

From Ramsey’s slit, the Portuguese superstar shot diagonally to beat goalkeeper Sepe. Ronaldo scored twice in five of his nine appearances since the start of the season.

The visitors played with excitement after Ronaldo’s goal. In the 55th minute, the Parma net vibrated again after De Ligt’s close-up shot. However, the goal was not recognized, as the referee determined that the ball had rolled out of bounds from the previous corner kick.

While his teammates in attack were excellent, Buffon also deserved praise with a series of impressive saves. Ronaldo was cornered by his teammates for the remainder of the second half.

But he could not score his first hat-trick in the 2020/21 season. In the 86th minute, Morata shone with a header that set a bold victory for the defending champion.

Morata chose the correct position to hit a dangerous header to defeat goalkeeper Sepe in the 86th minute. The former Real Madrid star released the pressure with the fourth goal in Serie A this season.

FA Cup Final – For Arsenal it is not simply a championship

FA Cup Final – For Arsenal it is not simply a championship

From a team that is rich in tradition and regularly in the Champions League. Now Europe‘s most prestigious playground has no room for Arsenal. The last time people saw the red and white striped team played was more than 3 years ago, in a shameful 1-5 defeat against Bayern Munich at home.

There was so much turmoil going on at Emirates during a season where the hot seat changed hands three times. Less than 12 hours after the weak defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League group stage, Unai Emery was fired.

The Spaniard was expected by the Gooners to do better. Especially after the positive signals that this 48-year-old man brought in his first year working in England.

On the side of the team, they also accepted to destroy the safe. That’s when spending more than 100 million pounds to bring in blockbusters like Nicolas Pepe, Kieran Tierney or Dani Ceballos. But in the end the investment is not commensurate with the performance on the pitch.

Besides the decline in performance, Emery also made the atmosphere in Emirates stuffy. Starting from handing over the captain’s armband to Granit Xhaka, who makes mistakes at crucial moments.

After that, Xhaka himself created the scandal of swearing at home fans, when he was substituted in the Crystal Palace 2-2 draw at the end of October. On the day of Emery’s departure, he left Arsenal a jumble of no answers. The truth is Arsenal are changing in a positive direction under Mikel Arteta.

Mikel Arteta is very focused on training sessions. He is always standing directly to observe and give direct suggestions to the players. That is the difference from the time of Emery. Besides, Arteta also strongly eliminates players who lack determination and enthusiasm. Typical must include the case of Mesut Ozil and Matteo Guendouzi.

Arsenal won the FA Cup, clearly Arteta’s thoughts on the future of Aubameyang

Arsenal won the FA Cup, clearly Arteta’s thoughts on the future of Aubameyang

The Spanish strategist has a clear stance on the student’s accommodation. After all, the 2019/20 season also ended relatively successfully with Arsenal, although The Gunner experienced a series of changes.

With the defeat of Chelsea in the FA Cup final, the Gunners are officially present in the Europa League next season. And again, experts have to mention Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Gabon players are the name to double to help the North London club upstream to win 2-1. In all competitions, the former Borussia Dortmund star has scored 29 goals in 44 appearances. That is why the Emirates Stadium team wants to keep the 31-year-old striker at all costs.

According to coach Mikel Arteta, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang deserves to be compared with legends like Thierry Henry or Ian Wright. Despite rumors of his departure from the club, the Spaniard is not concerned.

A source from The Times said that former Pep Guardiola’s assistant is confident his student will sign a new contract with The Gunner. Because Gabon was convinced that Arsenal could compete for big titles. Even the North London club is ready to buy more stars to change the force of blood.

At this time, Thomas Partey and Philippe Coutinho are the names that have caught the eye of the Emirates Stadium team. If the deals mentioned above succeed, the Gunners will return to be a formidable name in Europe.

Obviously, to Everton, James Rodriguez found surprisingly simple things to help himself shine. This is also something that the Colombian star does not have at Real Madrid with Zinedine Zidane.

It is confidence, confidence, and the freedom to play football at will. James’s qualities and inspiration have gradually returned, which will certainly be even more explosive in the future.

James has proven himself daring to speak, dare to do and ready to face the challenge. At the same time, Carlo Ancelotti also showed that he easily revived a fiery James Rodriguez, played with enthusiasm and flower beauty.

Arsenal escaped in the fourth round of the FA Cup

Arsenal escaped in the fourth round of the FA Cup

The gap in class was shown more than 20 minutes later. Another midfielder who has just returned from another injury is Mesut Ozil who doubled the gap for The Gunners after Tomas Rosicky’s brilliant assist.

The efforts of the team under Brighton also brought them equalized at the beginning of the second half, the scorer was Chris O’Grady. However, Brighton’s hope was immediately suppressed right after 9 minutes, and Tomas Rosicky marked his wonderful day. He had a perfect volley that restored the distance of two goals.

Chelsea cùng Arsenal hợp thành trận derby London ở chung kết FA ...

The efforts in the remaining time only helped the home team get one more goal thanks to Sam Baldock. Which was officially eliminated after the final defeat of 2-3. Also on the day of the competition yesterday, two other teams from the Premier League, West Ham and Aston Villa. He also won to win the right to enter the next round.

However, Arsenal still has another way to reach Europe. If you pass Chelsea in the FA Cup final, Arsenal will have a ticket to attend the Europa League.

Coach Arteta affirmed that Arsenal are having a good opportunity in the FA Cup playground. That’s after having overcome many rocks in the way of this 2019/20 season.

Recently, Arteta coach has expressed his desire to bring Arsenal to the 14th FA Cup title in history and end this season with a positive thing.

Man City cùng MU, Chelsea, Arsenal tái lập kỳ tích sau 33 năm ở FA ...

“I need a month to make some conclusions about this season. Ever since I came here in December, a lot has happened and a lot of rocks stand in our way. But I believe we have improved in many situations.

In the environment we are creating, the cohesion between the fans, the players and the club is showing at the moment. They had a great chance to have a good season if we can beat Chelsea in the final, lift the cup and attend the European Cup.