Man United is lucky when there is still Rashford

Man United is lucky when there is still Rashford

Rashford again became the god of PSG. For the second time in a row, the British have scored and sorrowed the top French club in Paris. Man United also surpassed the host with a score of 2-1. More than a year ago, the penalty was decided by Rashford to see PSG off the FA Cup.

ESPN News described Rashford’s strike as a classic. It combines a variety of factors including strength, assertiveness and a bit of boldness. Receiving the ball from Paul Pogba, Rashford pushed a beat before launching an unstoppable shot.

PSG goalkeeper Keylor Navas was unable to touch the ball at full speed. In the distance, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe bowed in disappointment. The stage at the Parc des Princes was robbed by the striker who did not carry a hundred million dollars.

Commenting on BT Sport, the legendary Rio Ferdinand of Man United praised Rashford. Over time, he became obsessed with scoring. And Rashford also scored and assisted beautifully. This direction will be even more excellent if we improve something.

ESPN believes that Rashford is qualified to join the ranks of the heirs of Ronaldo and Messi, to become a world-class football star. The theory is simple and can be said by everyone.

The problem is how Rashford will do it. The English striker’s goals will solve it all. Recently, Rashford has played in many positions from the attacker, kicking the left wing to the center. Experts believe this is not the right way to develop a promising player.

Rashford has never been a bad striker. However, the spearhead of the British lacks the stability to reach world class. Statistics become a measure of the excellence of a striker.

In this respect, Rashford completely failed to meet expectations. This led to coach Ole Solskjaer recruiting striker Edinson Cavani in the summer transfer window of 2020.