MU won hard Norwich to enter the semi-finals of the FA Cup

MU won hard Norwich to enter the semi-finals of the FA Cup

Although it has many advantages such as having a lead and playing over people. But MU takes 120 minutes to beat Norwich to win tickets to the FA Cup semi-finals.

Manchester United entered the FA Cup quarter-final against Norwich City with enthusiasm. Although more appreciated, the Reds cannot win easily. It took them two extra time to defeat the opponent, in one day Norwich goalkeeper Tim Krul played too well.

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First half Norwich chose a tight defensive position and waited for a counterattack. Meanwhile, Manchester United soon took the initiative and constantly put pressure on the opponent.

However, MU continued to show weaknesses on the wings, especially the position of Jesse Lingard. The England international showed poor form and it seemed he needed to find a new club in the next transfer window.

Meanwhile, Odion Ighalo continues to show enthusiasm for the Reds when continuously playing around in attack. However, he could not help MU get the lead in the first half and the two teams entered the break with a score of 0-0.

Ighalo did not take too long to make a mark as soon as the second half began. Just over 5 minutes, after the cross of Luke Shaw, Norwich defenders were attracted to Juan Mata and left Ighalo.

After taking the lead, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer began to change the squad to increase the pressure to increase the gap. The Norwegian strategist took Brandon Williams, Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood in turn, replacing Diego Dalot.

Immediately, the Nigerian striker cleverly hit the ball and shot the shot close to the city. He beat goalkeeper Tim Krul to open the score for the match.

Sao thất sủng của MU, Daniel James chốt tương lai chắc nịch

However, when trying to pressure the opponent, MU’s defense showed many loopholes. MU defense to Todd Cantwell comfortably beat Sergio Romero and bring the match to the starting line.

By the end, the MU has an advantage over people. Ighalo continued to make a mark with a strong breakthrough. Despite the lead, but the excellence of Tim Krul made MU unable to solve the match in the 2 main periods. And the two teams must enter extra time.

M.U is still in the FA Cup and many teams are not

M.U is still in the FA Cup and many teams are not

For Cambridge to draw in the first leg, Manchester United will have to step into the FA Cup replay tonight. Back at Old Trafford, the Reds are on a mission to win to dismiss all criticisms of their poor performance in the first leg.

Coach Van Gaal admits he understands all the pressures MU are facing. At the same time, the Dutch strategist also insists that he wants the players to play well to be able to play fair with famous teams.

Marcus Rashford không quên ơn thầy cũ Van Gaal tại MU

Wayne Rooney’s dream of winning the FA Cup after 11 years has not been fulfilled by a Cambridge. That is why the England captain striker will start in this match. “Everyone wants revenge. Rooney wants to start this match and this is really a great motivation for the players to play better.”

“What I have said is that everything is against Manchester United, no one wants to support the weak. So I think this is a warning to my players.

But also to say that, despite the criticism directed at us, now Man Utd is still in the FA and a lot of big teams do not. So I can still be happy to say that MU is confident to play in this match, we have to win because they will come here with a negative defensive kick. A goal in the first minutes will make it easier, “Van Gaal said at the pre-match press conference.

Solskjaer tống khứ trò cưng Mourinho ra khỏi MU - Báo Long An Online

Not long after breaking up with Darren Fletcher, the Board of Directors of Man Utd immediately confirmed a new contract called Andy Kellett. The 21-year-old defender officially landed Old Trafford on loan until the end of the season from Bolton club. To reach the BLD Man Utd deal, he had to send young talent Saidy Jamko in the opposite direction.

Andy Kellett is a talented talent from Bolton’s youth academy, he first signed a professional contract with the team in 2014. Andy Kellett had four Bolton first-team caps before being loaned out at Plymouth Argyle last year.