Man United no hope to win the championship after losing to Arsenal

Man United no hope to win the championship after losing to Arsenal

Failure to Arsenal continues to point out the limitations in coach Ole Solskjaer’s holding ability at Man United. At the last time Man United started the season struggling, they ranked 18th overall.

Man United also engulfed Leipzig with a score of 5-0 in the Champions League. At the end of the 7th round of the Premier League, they lost 9 points to the top team Liverpool after 7 rounds.

Everything with Man United is like a joke. How the team just beat Leipzig. The club reached the semifinals of the Champions League in the 2019/20 season, and was poor against Arsenal. Even in the 0-0 draw against Chelsea in the 6th round of the Premier League, Solskjaer’s army also played faintly.

The answer lies in Man United’s gameplay too monotonous and lack of creativity. Sometimes, Man United suddenly pushed up the intensity of the match right after the break between the two halves.

Under Solskjaer, Man United often achieved impressive results under such a scenario. Leipzig became one of the strongest teams to experience this. However, Arsenal still cannot boldly kick the top team. They still have great respect for the Manchester City representative.

Watching Partey take control of the midfield of the match, Elneny worked tirelessly until the half time. When Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood worked together to create a threatening situation to intimidate Arsenal’s goal in the first half.

That made coach Solskjaer more excited, so that the Norwegian military had a reason to believe in counter-attacking tactics. However, a team like Man United needs more solutions in the match.

After the half-time break, Man United actually had changes. After being overwhelmed by Arsenal in the first half, coach Solskjaer abandoned the diamond-shaped 4-1-2-1-2 scheme and replaced it with 4-2-3-1.

Midfielder Paul Pogba was required to work heavily on the left flank to reduce the range of the Arsenal full-back. This adjustment helps homeowners regain balance of the match.

Along with the quality of the squad and the two-team playstyle, fans believe the goal will come, and the team that makes a mistake must pay the price. Pogba is undoubtedly the most criticized.

According to Opta, Pogba caused Man Utd to suffer 3 penalties in the Premier League under Solskjaer coach. Whereas neither player has committed a foul resulting in more than one 11 m at the same time.