FA Cup final awaits Arsenal

FA Cup final awaits Arsenal

FA Cup is Arsenal’s most important arena ever and Wenger coaches and students are only one step away from the final. The way back to Wembley with Arsenal is also very easy when their opponent to the semi-finals tonight is just Reading.

Arsenal have a chance to reach the top of Chelsea in the Premier League. However, everyone could easily see that the door for Wenger’s army to win the championship was not high.

Chelsea are holding many advantages (opponents, points) and although they are in good form. Arsenal has not easily overtaken the opponent when the season is only five rounds away. So, the FA Cup will be the right place for Arsenal to sublimate.

Definitely not the Premier League, but the FA Cup is the biggest arena Arsenal put their energy into at the moment. At least they need to avoid an empty season.

After 9 years to have a title through the FA Cup trophy last season and progress to one of the richest football teams in this arena, Arsenal no longer need the FA Cup. But when they are facing an empty season, things will change.

Certainly Arsenal fans and Wenger teachers and students now want to put their energy into the FA Cup, say, this is also a title. A championship trophy will help Arsenal ease the pressure to win a title.

At the same time two consecutive years winning the FA Cup will also help this team to be more confident in their own strength to advance.

Arsenal’s opponent tonight is Reading. In terms of position and force correlation, Arsenal are outperforming their opponents. Reading has appeared in the English Premier League. However, now this team is dwarfed in the First Division and there are not really bright stars in the squad.

On the way to the semi-finals, Reading did not have to face Premier League opponents. But they also eliminated Cardiff or Derby, the opponents are more appreciated.

They have not won in the past month and are currently near the bottom of the rankings in the Championship. But Reading has made it to the semi-finals anyway and that reflects that they don’t have great potential either.

In cup matches everything is possible and certainly when playing against Arsenal, Reading’s fighting spirit will be different.

Man United no hope to win the championship after losing to Arsenal

Man United no hope to win the championship after losing to Arsenal

Failure to Arsenal continues to point out the limitations in coach Ole Solskjaer’s holding ability at Man United. At the last time Man United started the season struggling, they ranked 18th overall.

Man United also engulfed Leipzig with a score of 5-0 in the Champions League. At the end of the 7th round of the Premier League, they lost 9 points to the top team Liverpool after 7 rounds.

Everything with Man United is like a joke. How the team just beat Leipzig. The club reached the semifinals of the Champions League in the 2019/20 season, and was poor against Arsenal. Even in the 0-0 draw against Chelsea in the 6th round of the Premier League, Solskjaer’s army also played faintly.

The answer lies in Man United’s gameplay too monotonous and lack of creativity. Sometimes, Man United suddenly pushed up the intensity of the match right after the break between the two halves.

Under Solskjaer, Man United often achieved impressive results under such a scenario. Leipzig became one of the strongest teams to experience this. However, Arsenal still cannot boldly kick the top team. They still have great respect for the Manchester City representative.

Watching Partey take control of the midfield of the match, Elneny worked tirelessly until the half time. When Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood worked together to create a threatening situation to intimidate Arsenal’s goal in the first half.

That made coach Solskjaer more excited, so that the Norwegian military had a reason to believe in counter-attacking tactics. However, a team like Man United needs more solutions in the match.

After the half-time break, Man United actually had changes. After being overwhelmed by Arsenal in the first half, coach Solskjaer abandoned the diamond-shaped 4-1-2-1-2 scheme and replaced it with 4-2-3-1.

Midfielder Paul Pogba was required to work heavily on the left flank to reduce the range of the Arsenal full-back. This adjustment helps homeowners regain balance of the match.

Along with the quality of the squad and the two-team playstyle, fans believe the goal will come, and the team that makes a mistake must pay the price. Pogba is undoubtedly the most criticized.

According to Opta, Pogba caused Man Utd to suffer 3 penalties in the Premier League under Solskjaer coach. Whereas neither player has committed a foul resulting in more than one 11 m at the same time.

How Arsenal wins the FA Cup affects the qualification of the Europa League

How Arsenal wins the FA Cup affects the qualification of the Europa League

Arsenal’s FA Cup championship has ruined all the plans of both Wolves and Tottenham. The FA Cup final of the 2019/20 season at Wembley Stadium ended with a sweet victory for Arsenal.

Despite Chelsea opening the score soon 5 minutes by Christian Pulisic. He was successfully upstream thanks to a double from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Thus, Arsenal will be the team facing Liverpool in the English Super Cup match in 2020/21. Not to stop here, Mikel Arteta had a season to throw away but the FA Cup championship has become their lifeline.

Specifically, Arsenal officially won the Europa League right from the group stage next season, although they ended the Premier League in eighth place. Arsenal’s defeat of Chelsea brought a huge disadvantage to the two teams. above them are Wolves and Tottenham.

Accordingly, instead of qualifying for the group stage, Tottenham will launch the Europa League campaign 2020/21 from the preliminary round. Thus, coach Jose Mourinho will have to have calculations to help Tottenham have the best preparation for next season.

With Wolves, they can only join the European Cup next season by winning the Europa League. At that time, they will have a place in the UEFA Champions League group stage. If this happens, English football will have 5 teams in the UEFA Champions League.

However, it is a very difficult task when many big men like Man United or Inter Milan are determined to win the Europa League this season. The future of Dani Ceballos turned uncertain after the end of the 2019/2020 season.

The Evening Standard newspaper, reported, Arsenal expressed its intention to borrow the Spanish star for another year from Real Madrid. Ceballos made a strong impression when combined with Granit Xhaka in the Gunners midfield under Mikel Arteta dynasty.

Meanwhile, Los Blancos has an excess of midfield staff and is likely to agree for Ceballos to continue with Arsenal.

Arteta set a feat in Arsenal’s history

Arteta set a feat in Arsenal’s history

The Spanish military leader took less than a season to create an impressive milestone in the history of “Gunners”. According to Squawka, Mikel Arteta became the first person in Arsenal history to win the FA Cup, both as captain and coach.

According to Opta, the Spaniard was also the first Arsenal manager to win the title in his first season since George Graham in the 1986/87 season. Arteta won the FA Cup with Arsenal after defeating Hull City 3-2 in the final. It was also the title that ended the 10-year empty-handed series of the Emirates Stadium team.

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On the morning of August 7, Arsenal and Arteta as head coach upstream beat Chelsea 2-1 to win the 14th FA Cup in history. The hero of “Gunners” is striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with double goals.

Spaniard Mikel Arteta led Arsenal mid-season after his predecessor Unai Emery was sacked for poor performance. After 28 games under Arteta, Arsenal won 16, drew 6 and lost 6 matches.

Arsenal won the right to go straight to the Europa League group stage 2020/21, directly saving the bad season in almost every arena. In the Premier League, Arsenal finished the season with 8th place.

In the Europa League, “Gunners” were eliminated by Olympiakos in the round of 16. At the Carabao Cup, Arsenal were eliminated by Liverpool in the fourth round.

According to Inews, attending the European Cup will help Arsenal a little bit attractive to the stars.

In addition, the possibility of still having to play on the field without an audience in the Premier League next season will cost Arsenal £ 96 million in tickets and sales activities. So the journey in the Europa League will partly help “Gunners” to bear the costs.

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Chelsea actively engaged and only needed 5 minutes to score a goal. After Olivier Giroud’s heel pass, Christian Pulisic skillfully controlled and fired the shot at close range to hit Arsenal’s net.

Arteta’s army played awkwardly after conceding. Pulisic, Mason Mount constantly stirred the red defense. However, the shots of this duo were not enough to bring the second goal.

FA Cup – The title racing

FA Cup – The title racing

The Liverpool championship, one of the most important “missions” for the reboot of English football, has been completed. Even so, the season still has much to wait, including the FA Cup.

Although Liverpool are no longer in the FA Cup, Man City, M.U, Arsenal, Chelsea and Leicester have reached the quarter-finals. And there will be exciting matches including Sheffield – Arsenal, Leicester – Chelsea.

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Arsenal are probably the team with the most hope in the traditional English rich tournament because they have almost no other goals at the moment.

Therefore, it is difficult to earn a Europa League with Arsenal, let alone the Champions League.

Coach Mikel Arteta and the Arsenal players should now be more realistic about their seasons. The FA Cup can be a lifesaver for an Europa League spot, as well as a three-season Arsenal title thirst.

Worth mentioning, Arsenal always played very well in the FA Cup. With 13 championships, Arsenal is the most successful team in the FA Cup.

In the last 3 matches in the Premier League, Sheffield twice lost with 0-3 and earned only 1 point against Aston Villa. Arsenal, although not impressed, but at least found a victory with a 2-0 result against Southampton recently.

Chelsea made a better impression last season at the hands of coach Maurizio Sarri but in terms of results. Last year they ranked 3rd in the Premier League, League Cup runner-up and Europa League champion.

But Chelsea’s ambitions face huge challenges in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup when their opponent is Leicester City. As the main opponent of Lampard’s teachers and students in the top 4 race, Leicester is always formidable in big matches.

Both encounters Leicester this season in the Premier League, Chelsea must split points. The schedule does not support Chelsea, as they have to play just 3 days after the great battle with Man City.

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This match Juventus started quite badly and were fiercely threatened by the opponent. But the red card for Fabio Lucioni caused Lecce to collapse. In the second half, Ronaldo shone with an assist to help Dybala open the score before he scored the goal to double the gap. That’s opening a strong victory for the home team.

This victory helped Juventus away from Inter – the team will have to meet Parma in the round 28 – to 11 points.

Defeating Leeds, Arsenal won tickets to the fourth round of the FA Cup

Defeating Leeds, Arsenal won tickets to the fourth round of the FA Cup

Arsenal won tickets to the fourth round of the FA Cup after beating Leeds 1-0. In the fourth round of the FA Cup, Arsenal played at home against Leeds.

Determined to win the highest record in this playground, coach Mikel Arteta launched the team of many pillars. Therefore, he entered the confidence and mastery of the game.

However, Leeds show that they are not easy opponents to bully. Village coach Marcelo Bielsa has directed his students to play close to each other way. That was making Arsenal difficult to deploy attacks because of the lack of playing space.

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During the first half of the match, Arsenal did not create a chance to score really delicious. Meanwhile, Leeds proved particularly dangerous in the quick counterattack. If goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez did not play well, the home team may have conceded in the first.

In the second half, coach Mikel Arteta asked the game players to be more confident, more daring. Arsenal organized the attack on the right wing in 55 minutes, Lacazette had a horizontal line.

The ball hit the defender’s foot to the position of Reiss Nelson, this player definitely opened the match. The opening goal of Reiss Nelson made Leeds fighting morale significantly reduced. However, the students of coach Marcelo Bielsa still cause a lot of difficulties for Arsenal.

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The evidence is that they still have good opportunities, but the goal of goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has prevented the visitors from celebrating the goal.

At the end of the game, Leeds tried very hard to find a goal, but Arsenal played well to protect their achievements. In the end, coach Mikel Arteta and the students won 1-0 against Leeds to win tickets to play in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

Just the FA Cup is not enough for Arsenal

Just the FA Cup is not enough for Arsenal

Arsenal won by Aaron Ramsey’s extra-time goal. They ended Arsenal’s nine-year loss. But if we talk about the class story, we can see Arsenal almost still standing still. Anh even when they have 2 consecutive years of owning the oldest trophy in this world. During this time, Arsenal from the second position in the Premier League has dropped to fourth.

After 11 seasons, Chelsea from a club 50 years unknown to the throne of English football, has 4 times crowned. And they even won one Champions League title, one Europa League championship. Just over half a decade, Man City also twice had the honor of standing on the top of the Premier League. And Arsenal, that is by the other way.

During the last 10 Premier League seasons, the Gunners have never been in the Top 2. In those 10 seasons, Arsenal has never been considered a real candidate for the Premier League throne.

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That’s what Arsene Wenger needs to think about. Arsenal could not be satisfied with just picking up the FA Cup, though it was of course still considered a title.

Why should Arsenal not be happy with the FA Cup championship? Both articles are directed to a goal called aspiration. Arsenal has never been a weak club. At any given moment, they have superstars who can shake the Premier League. But it seems that the lack of desire to fight has dragged the Gunners down in the deciding races.

It’s been a long time, Arsene Wenger has a new and potential player of the present. Hopefully, compared to the FA Cup throne last season, Arsenal will not consider the FA Cup championship a liberating title. It should only be considered a spiritual lever, a catalyst for Arsenal to seriously return to the goal of conquering the Premier League.