Ronaldo scored 2 goals to help Juventus close the first position

Juventus defeated Parma 4-0 in the matchof the 13th round of Serie A in the morning. After a memorable performance in the Atalanta draw, Ronaldo shone back with 2 goals.

Thereby that’s helping Juventus to win 3 points against Parma. This result helps the defending champion temporarily narrow the gap with the top team AC Milan to 1 point.

The defending champions of Serie A flooded the opponent’s field after the opening whistle. With the mobility of Alex Sandro, the left wing is the main attack direction of Juventus.

Parma arranged the majority of the defense, but only survived until the 23rd minute. A series of home team players were helpless before the cross from Alex Sandro, Kulusevski comfortably reached the end to defeat goalkeeper Sepe.

Just 3 minutes later, Juve had a double goal, continuing from an attack phase on the left. Alvaro Morata had a bad finish, but had a suspended ball like Cristiano Ronaldo turned high and hit the home team’s net.

CR7 scored his 11th Serie A goal this season, a feat that helped him overcome Ibrahimovic to lead the top scorer list. Everything went well for Ronaldo, when he had the next goal when the second half took 3 minutes.

From Ramsey’s slit, the Portuguese superstar shot diagonally to beat goalkeeper Sepe. Ronaldo scored twice in five of his nine appearances since the start of the season.

The visitors played with excitement after Ronaldo’s goal. In the 55th minute, the Parma net vibrated again after De Ligt’s close-up shot. However, the goal was not recognized, as the referee determined that the ball had rolled out of bounds from the previous corner kick.

While his teammates in attack were excellent, Buffon also deserved praise with a series of impressive saves. Ronaldo was cornered by his teammates for the remainder of the second half.

But he could not score his first hat-trick in the 2020/21 season. In the 86th minute, Morata shone with a header that set a bold victory for the defending champion.

Morata chose the correct position to hit a dangerous header to defeat goalkeeper Sepe in the 86th minute. The former Real Madrid star released the pressure with the fourth goal in Serie A this season.