Juergen Klopp and the adventures of Liverpool in football

Juergen Klopp and the adventures of Liverpool in football

Coach Juergen Klopp and his teachers may face many difficulties because under the guidance of Marcelo Bielsa. The defending Championship champion always shows a nasty game.

In addition, Liverpool’s pre-season form was not high. They won against weak rivals Stuttgart and Blackpool, drew RB Salzburg and lost to Arsenal in the Community Shield match. When facing Mikel Arteta’s army, Liverpool played ineffective and lacked cohesion.

However, in the transfer market, Liverpool is not yet active. Up to this point, they brought back left-back Tsimikas for nearly 12 million pounds as a backup plan for Andy Robertson.

However, the Stamford Bridge team is not the player’s number one priority destination.

Werner longed to go to Liverpool, where fellow countryman Klopp was. That made the young striker believe he could integrate faster in the new environment. He also has a gameplay that is rated in accordance with what the German strategist built. However, the transfer fee is the obstacle.

In addition, coach Klopp does not want to recruit a star, because this can disrupt the atmosphere of the changing room which is very stable. In Liverpool’s current squad, apart from goalkeeper Alisson Becker and midfielder Virgil Van Dijk. No player is recruited for over £ 50 million.

However, numbers do say that the Egyptian striker is a perfect fit for Liverpool. Salah has contributed greatly to the great successes Liverpool have won in recent times. Including the Premier League title after 30 years of waiting.

In the past, Klopp helped Dortmund end Bayern Munich’s dominance in the Bundesliga. He made Robert Lewandowski, Marco Reus or Mario Goetze the stars.

In Liverpool, the German strategist also achieved the same success. Obviously, Klopp is good at creating stars and knows how to hold them together.

Coach Klopp’s clear philosophy makes the transfer target suitable for Liverpool are often young players. Instead the stars have been identified in certain locations. The German strategist likes versatile players. With a desire to prove, young players are always ready to take on every position that the coach requires.

How Arsenal wins the FA Cup affects the qualification of the Europa League

How Arsenal wins the FA Cup affects the qualification of the Europa League

Arsenal’s FA Cup championship has ruined all the plans of both Wolves and Tottenham. The FA Cup final of the 2019/20 season at Wembley Stadium ended with a sweet victory for Arsenal.

Despite Chelsea opening the score soon 5 minutes by Christian Pulisic. He was successfully upstream thanks to a double from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Thus, Arsenal will be the team facing Liverpool in the English Super Cup match in 2020/21. Not to stop here, Mikel Arteta had a season to throw away but the FA Cup championship has become their lifeline.

Specifically, Arsenal officially won the Europa League right from the group stage next season, although they ended the Premier League in eighth place. Arsenal’s defeat of Chelsea brought a huge disadvantage to the two teams. above them are Wolves and Tottenham.

Accordingly, instead of qualifying for the group stage, Tottenham will launch the Europa League campaign 2020/21 from the preliminary round. Thus, coach Jose Mourinho will have to have calculations to help Tottenham have the best preparation for next season.

With Wolves, they can only join the European Cup next season by winning the Europa League. At that time, they will have a place in the UEFA Champions League group stage. If this happens, English football will have 5 teams in the UEFA Champions League.

However, it is a very difficult task when many big men like Man United or Inter Milan are determined to win the Europa League this season. The future of Dani Ceballos turned uncertain after the end of the 2019/2020 season.

The Evening Standard newspaper, reported, Arsenal expressed its intention to borrow the Spanish star for another year from Real Madrid. Ceballos made a strong impression when combined with Granit Xhaka in the Gunners midfield under Mikel Arteta dynasty.

Meanwhile, Los Blancos has an excess of midfield staff and is likely to agree for Ceballos to continue with Arsenal.

Mata’s goal was a reminder to coach Solskjaer

Mata’s goal was a reminder to coach Solskjaer

The better he played, the Spanish midfielder was treated unfairly at Man United. Juan Mata shone in the League Cup when he contributed a goal and assists in a 3-0 win over Brighton in the fourth round.

The ability to choose when to make the final decision has always been one of Mata’s strengths. That quality was promoted by the 32-year-old midfielder in a situation to increase the score to 2-0.

Donny van de Beek’s assists for Mata are very perfect, but in front of the Spanish star there are still 3 Brighton players to stop. However, the former Chelsea star still calmly handles the ball.

He performed the act of deceiving midfielder Lewis Dunk, before finishing it neatly. The shot of the former Chelsea star is not strong, but there is a danger that goalkeeper Jason Steele can not stop.

From Mata’s handling of the ball to finishing, it is an art and is often seen only in pitch artists who possess skillful personal techniques. Before scoring, the 32-year-old midfielder also made his mark at the opening score. He brought Man United a penalty at the end of the first half.

At 32, Mata can still bring great things to Man United. The Spanish midfielder proved himself not out of date, and his performance as a reminder to coach Solskjaer.

The Norwegian teacher needs to trust the Spanish midfielder more, because Mata’s playing quality has never been lost. He is still the creative provider on the front line.

Before Brighton, Mata moved around the field. In the 45 passes he made, his accuracy rate was 91 percent. More importantly, the former Chelsea star brought goals and assists for his teammates to score.

With the Spanish midfielder on the field, Man United’s football becomes elegant and soft. It is completely different from when Bruno Fernandes played in midfield. Recently, Man United was determined to bring Jadon Sancho back to Old Trafford.

Ansu Fati helped Barca from humiliating in the Suarez case

Ansu Fati helped Barca from humiliating in the Suarez case

Barca was engulfed in crisis and chaos. No one understands what the club’s leaders think when leaving Luis Suarez to Atletico at a “cheap” price.

The revolution in Barca is essential. The problem is that the representative of Catalonia lets the striker score the third most in the history of the club to rival Atletico.

On the day of the new team debut, Suarez shone with goals. Cules’ heart tightened. They wonder what will happen when the Uruguayan striker faces his old team?

However, Barca is lucky to have Fati, a promising striker and can ease the nostalgia of Suarez. In Barca’s 4-0 win over Villarreal in the third round of La Liga, the teenage striker turned Camp Nou into a private show with a double.

The performance of the 17-year-old striker made everyone conquer. In the context that Barca still does not have Memphis Depay and Lautaro Martinez, they can rely on the Spanish goalscorer.

Fati is young, so agile and aggressive. With the number 22 on the attack, the way to the ball and change the state of Barca takes place at speed. This is what Suarez at the age of 33 lost.

The Spanish striker also possesses a sharp finishing ability. Seeing how Fati finished defeating goalkeeper Asenjo, one saw great maturity in this goalscorer.

Goal’s writer Rik Sharma believes Fati is showing more confidence after each match. He saw in the teenage striker the bravery and temperament without fear.

In the two goals Fati scored, all were determined. In football, it is only when a player is prolific and has a high degree of confidence that he can do that.

If Suarez still kicks for Barca, Fati’s position is likely to be the bench. When coach Ronald Koeman trusted the main kick, the teenage striker did not disappoint his teacher.

The Spanish media praised Fati very much for the past year. For young players, that can turn into poison. Barca’s No.22 fortunately avoided that.

Coach Koeman believed but did not indulge Fati. During the momentum period for the 2020/21 season, the Dutch military leader criticized the pupil for not doing his best.

FA Cup Final – For Arsenal it is not simply a championship

FA Cup Final – For Arsenal it is not simply a championship

From a team that is rich in tradition and regularly in the Champions League. Now Europe‘s most prestigious playground has no room for Arsenal. The last time people saw the red and white striped team played was more than 3 years ago, in a shameful 1-5 defeat against Bayern Munich at home.

There was so much turmoil going on at Emirates during a season where the hot seat changed hands three times. Less than 12 hours after the weak defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League group stage, Unai Emery was fired.

The Spaniard was expected by the Gooners to do better. Especially after the positive signals that this 48-year-old man brought in his first year working in England.

On the side of the team, they also accepted to destroy the safe. That’s when spending more than 100 million pounds to bring in blockbusters like Nicolas Pepe, Kieran Tierney or Dani Ceballos. But in the end the investment is not commensurate with the performance on the pitch.

Besides the decline in performance, Emery also made the atmosphere in Emirates stuffy. Starting from handing over the captain’s armband to Granit Xhaka, who makes mistakes at crucial moments.

After that, Xhaka himself created the scandal of swearing at home fans, when he was substituted in the Crystal Palace 2-2 draw at the end of October. On the day of Emery’s departure, he left Arsenal a jumble of no answers. The truth is Arsenal are changing in a positive direction under Mikel Arteta.

Mikel Arteta is very focused on training sessions. He is always standing directly to observe and give direct suggestions to the players. That is the difference from the time of Emery. Besides, Arteta also strongly eliminates players who lack determination and enthusiasm. Typical must include the case of Mesut Ozil and Matteo Guendouzi.

Arsenal won the FA Cup, clearly Arteta’s thoughts on the future of Aubameyang

Arsenal won the FA Cup, clearly Arteta’s thoughts on the future of Aubameyang

The Spanish strategist has a clear stance on the student’s accommodation. After all, the 2019/20 season also ended relatively successfully with Arsenal, although The Gunner experienced a series of changes.

With the defeat of Chelsea in the FA Cup final, the Gunners are officially present in the Europa League next season. And again, experts have to mention Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Gabon players are the name to double to help the North London club upstream to win 2-1. In all competitions, the former Borussia Dortmund star has scored 29 goals in 44 appearances. That is why the Emirates Stadium team wants to keep the 31-year-old striker at all costs.

According to coach Mikel Arteta, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang deserves to be compared with legends like Thierry Henry or Ian Wright. Despite rumors of his departure from the club, the Spaniard is not concerned.

A source from The Times said that former Pep Guardiola’s assistant is confident his student will sign a new contract with The Gunner. Because Gabon was convinced that Arsenal could compete for big titles. Even the North London club is ready to buy more stars to change the force of blood.

At this time, Thomas Partey and Philippe Coutinho are the names that have caught the eye of the Emirates Stadium team. If the deals mentioned above succeed, the Gunners will return to be a formidable name in Europe.

Obviously, to Everton, James Rodriguez found surprisingly simple things to help himself shine. This is also something that the Colombian star does not have at Real Madrid with Zinedine Zidane.

It is confidence, confidence, and the freedom to play football at will. James’s qualities and inspiration have gradually returned, which will certainly be even more explosive in the future.

James has proven himself daring to speak, dare to do and ready to face the challenge. At the same time, Carlo Ancelotti also showed that he easily revived a fiery James Rodriguez, played with enthusiasm and flower beauty.

De Bruyne helped Man City win tickets to the FA Cup semi-finals

De Bruyne helped Man City win tickets to the FA Cup semi-finals

Man City was not difficult to beat Newcastle United. Thereby winning the final ticket to the FA Cup semi-finals this season. As expected, Man City spilled up to attack right after the opening whistle. The visitors repeatedly bombarded Newcastle’s goal.

After many opportunities, Man City also had an opening goal in the 37th minute. Midfielder Fabian Schar pushed Gabriel Jesus in the penalty area and the referee pointed to the penalty spot. On the 11m point, Kevin De Bruyne made no mistake to give the visitors the lead.

After having a leading goal, Man City actively reduced the pace of attack and switched to playing lullaby to the opponent. The first half ended with only 1 goal scored.

After the break, Newcastle suddenly pushed up the attacking squad to make the game more worthwhile. In the 66th minute, the home team had a delicious chance to score an equalizer. Saint-Maximin stretched smoothly, but the player on Gayle pitched the ball over the bar.

Just 2 minutes after Gayle missed the opportunity, Man City had a goal to increase the gap. In a speedy attack, Sterling handled it skillfully before finishing the perfect heart to secure a 2-0 victory for the visitors.

This victory put Man City in the semi-finals of this season’s FA Cup and their next rival Arsenal. Meanwhile, the remaining match of the semi-finals is a contest between MU and Chelsea.

Mendy cut across the ball to cut through the Newcastle goal, but there was no Man City player to finish. Mendy stretched uncomfortably, but midfielder Fernandez broke the ball for Newcastle.

Sterling deftly entered the middle of the game before finishing the danger of defeating goalkeeper Darlow. Otamendi passes the ball to the wrong address right before the penalty area of ​​Man City. After stealing the ball, Saint-Maximin stretched smoothly, but Gayle ended up in the sky at close range.

Lampard criticized his students after the defeat to Arsenal

Lampard criticized his students after the defeat to Arsenal

Coach Frank Lampard was not satisfied with his students after the FA Cup final defeat. Five minutes after the opening whistle of the FA Cup 2019/20 final at Wembley Stadium rang. Christian Pulisic has brought great joy to Chelsea fans when kicking Arsenal’s net. The idea of ​​early goals will help the Blues play sublime, but they cannot take advantage of that.

Specifically, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s brace helped Arsenal successfully upstream and crowned the championship in Chelsea’s regret. Coach Frank Lampard had a reason to be dissatisfied with his students after the match.

Accordingly, Frank Lampard said: “We started well in 10 or 15 minutes, scored a goal and created some chance to control the game. But after that, we could only blame ourselves. it seemed we were complacent.

We spent too much time with the ball. We started using short passes as if it were a walk. An FA Cup final can never be such a walk.

We allowed Arsenal to come back into the game and from that point on it was always difficult. A lot of mistakes today are ours. In the second half, the situation got better. The players did their best.

But playing with only 10 people in the last 20 minutes is a really difficult challenge for them. We have become too deadlocked.”

In total in the FA Cup this season, Caballero captured 5 matches for the Blues. In the victory over Manchester United in the semi-finals, the Argentina goalkeeper also started.

The only match in the journey to the final where Lampard chose Kepa instead of Caballero was Liverpool’s competition in round 5. Explaining his selection of staff in the final, Lampard said through BT Sport: “Honestly, that’s also my plan, for Caballero to play quite a lot during the FA Cup campaign.”

FA Cup Final Chelsea vs Arsenal – The ultimate challenge

FA Cup Final Chelsea vs Arsenal – The ultimate challenge

The big battle at Wembley will be an opportunity for the two young rulers Lampard and Arteta to prove their bravery. They brought back the first trophy for the team they led.

With Arsenal – the most successful team in the FA Cup playground with 13 championships. This is a match for Chelsea that will be an opportunity for the Gunners to revive their confidence after a series of disappointments.

Despite recent promising performances, Arsenal finished the Premier League in eighth place, The Gunners’ lowest performance since 1995. Therefore, coach Mikel Arteta’s army marched to Wembley as the lower door. Their confidence is redundant, especially after impressive victories over Wolves, Liverpool or Man City.

That tactic was effective in the semi-final against Man City. The Gunners defense played an excellent 90 minutes, setting the stage for the Gabon striker twice to break through Ederson’s net.

Mikel Arteta did not hide the idea of ​​a “chainsaw” toy with Chelsea in the final. However, Frank Lampard is not a dream man, through the flexible adaptations of the green shirt team play this season. The rapid progress of young actors such as Pulisic, Mason Mount or Reece James.

Chelsea adapted well to pressure in the late season to win last match. When he was a player, Lampard raised the silver FA Cup four times. In his first season as the head of the Blues, the 42-year-old military leader desired to conquer the title. But to do that, the Chelsea defense needs to be improved.

Chelsea has only kept 3 of 11 clean sheets since mid-June. The weak performance of goalkeeper Kepa made Lampard impatient and had to use Willy Caballero. Although the Argentine temple keeper was not much more stable.

In the Asian market, Chelsea is rated better than its rivals in the same city. However, with a nasty style, Arsenal can pull the final into extra time, even delimiting on the 11m point.

Transfer News Sky Sports brings a new update on Chelsea’s Ben Chilwell deal

Transfer News Sky Sports brings a new update on Chelsea’s Ben Chilwell deal

The representative of west London is said to want to strengthen the defense this summer. After the 2019/2020 season finished fourth in the Premier League, Chelsea is entering a strong workforce reform.

They broke up with Willian, but brought two very remarkable new factors on the attack line, Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner. And possibly Kai Havertz as well.

Chelsea: Một màu xanh hy vọng được vẽ nên từ nhiệt huyết của ...

In addition, the defense is where the Blues are in need of more personnel. And as previously reported, Ben Chilwell is their number one target this summer.

Recently, however, Sky Sports has had quite a pessimistic update for fans of the West London football team. Accordingly, this news agency revealed that the two sides have yet to reach any agreement. Because there is a difference in Chilwell’s valuation.

And yet, Sky also said even though Leicester had made a little concession. However, the amount they requested is still outside of Chelsea’s payment limit. And not many people are optimistic about the deal actually kicking in.

Elsewhere, it was because it was difficult to get Chilwell, but now Chelsea gradually promoted plan B called Tagliafico. The 40-year-old former striker shares his personal opinion on the competition for Europe’s No. 1 playground title this season.

PSG was the first team to win a ticket to the semi-finals after a dramatic 2-1 victory over Atalanta this morning. The Ligue 1 champion had to fight hard to the last minute against a resilient Atalanta.

Kết quả vòng 33 giải Ngoại hạng Anh: Chelsea phục hận, Arsenal hồi ...

At the first time attending the Champions League, the Serie A representative had an impressive pitch. Coach Gian Piero Gasperini’s students played equally against PSG for 90 minutes. Atalanta makes the fuses on the expensive PSG deadlock because of their uncomfortable pressing style.

Meanwhile, Pep Guardiola’s Man City will have a clash with Lyon, who overcame Juventus in the round of 16. The Etihad Stadium team is facing a great opportunity to win the Champions League silver cup. That thanks to its stable performance since the beginning of the season until now.