Mourinho and the days of teaching English football

Nobody thought about the tragedy for MU. Their opponent is Porto, defending champion UEFA Cup, but MU’s squad is simply stronger in every route.

The then 41-year-old military leader, Jose Mourinho, ran from the training area all the way to celebrate with the players. When the referee blew the final whistle, Mourinho ran again to celebrate, his hands raised his index finger triumphantly before entering the tunnel.

Mourinho has stepped into the world like that. After MU, the opponents that Porto defeated were the less traditional in the most prestigious arena in Europe. But if you know Deportivo has beaten AC Milan champions 4-0 at Riazor.

Mourinho’s future was already determined. It is the Premier League. Roman Abramovich with a bottomless wallet with Chelsea took Mourinho to Stamford Bridge. They want to overthrow the tournament dominated by MU and Arsenal.

Before long, England was only accustomed to ironic statements coming from a single name: Sir Alex Ferguson. But in terms of blood and nosy, Mourinho is completely superior. In terms of conservatism, English football always believes that it is the best in Europe and the competition here creates superiority. But Mourinho denied it all.

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The difference in the tactical structure makes Chelsea almost destroy the whole tournament in strength. One of Chelsea’s most memorable matches was the victory against MU at Old Trafford in round 33. Mourinho’s starting line-up with Glen Johnson kicked the right striker.

Van Nistelrooy put MU ahead, but three goals from Tiago, Gudjohnsen and Joe Cole helped Chelsea win 3-1. MU then completely helpless before Chelsea.

At the end of the season, Chelsea lost 1 match, won the championship with 95 points and only 15 goals lost. That score was later only Pep Guardiola’s Man City fell, and the record for the number of goals conceded still stands.

The second season at Chelsea, Mourinho lost more but still champion with style unmistakable. MU once again became a painful victim of the Blues. Chelsea then hosted a direct competitor to the championship at home. MU must win if they want to maintain hope but what they get is a 3-3 defeat.