FA Cup final awaits Arsenal

FA Cup is Arsenal’s most important arena ever and Wenger coaches and students are only one step away from the final. The way back to Wembley with Arsenal is also very easy when their opponent to the semi-finals tonight is just Reading.

Arsenal have a chance to reach the top of Chelsea in the Premier League. However, everyone could easily see that the door for Wenger’s army to win the championship was not high.

Chelsea are holding many advantages (opponents, points) and although they are in good form. Arsenal has not easily overtaken the opponent when the season is only five rounds away. So, the FA Cup will be the right place for Arsenal to sublimate.

Definitely not the Premier League, but the FA Cup is the biggest arena Arsenal put their energy into at the moment. At least they need to avoid an empty season.

After 9 years to have a title through the FA Cup trophy last season and progress to one of the richest football teams in this arena, Arsenal no longer need the FA Cup. But when they are facing an empty season, things will change.

Certainly Arsenal fans and Wenger teachers and students now want to put their energy into the FA Cup, say, this is also a title. A championship trophy will help Arsenal ease the pressure to win a title.

At the same time two consecutive years winning the FA Cup will also help this team to be more confident in their own strength to advance.

Arsenal’s opponent tonight is Reading. In terms of position and force correlation, Arsenal are outperforming their opponents. Reading has appeared in the English Premier League. However, now this team is dwarfed in the First Division and there are not really bright stars in the squad.

On the way to the semi-finals, Reading did not have to face Premier League opponents. But they also eliminated Cardiff or Derby, the opponents are more appreciated.

They have not won in the past month and are currently near the bottom of the rankings in the Championship. But Reading has made it to the semi-finals anyway and that reflects that they don’t have great potential either.

In cup matches everything is possible and certainly when playing against Arsenal, Reading’s fighting spirit will be different.