M.U is still in the FA Cup and many teams are not

M.U is still in the FA Cup and many teams are not

For Cambridge to draw in the first leg, Manchester United will have to step into the FA Cup replay tonight. Back at Old Trafford, the Reds are on a mission to win to dismiss all criticisms of their poor performance in the first leg.

Coach Van Gaal admits he understands all the pressures MU are facing. At the same time, the Dutch strategist also insists that he wants the players to play well to be able to play fair with famous teams.

Marcus Rashford không quên ơn thầy cũ Van Gaal tại MU

Wayne Rooney’s dream of winning the FA Cup after 11 years has not been fulfilled by a Cambridge. That is why the England captain striker will start in this match. “Everyone wants revenge. Rooney wants to start this match and this is really a great motivation for the players to play better.”

“What I have said is that everything is against Manchester United, no one wants to support the weak. So I think this is a warning to my players.

But also to say that, despite the criticism directed at us, now Man Utd is still in the FA and a lot of big teams do not. So I can still be happy to say that MU is confident to play in this match, we have to win because they will come here with a negative defensive kick. A goal in the first minutes will make it easier, “Van Gaal said at the pre-match press conference.

Solskjaer tống khứ trò cưng Mourinho ra khỏi MU - Báo Long An Online

Not long after breaking up with Darren Fletcher, the Board of Directors of Man Utd immediately confirmed a new contract called Andy Kellett. The 21-year-old defender officially landed Old Trafford on loan until the end of the season from Bolton club. To reach the BLD Man Utd deal, he had to send young talent Saidy Jamko in the opposite direction.

Andy Kellett is a talented talent from Bolton’s youth academy, he first signed a professional contract with the team in 2014. Andy Kellett had four Bolton first-team caps before being loaned out at Plymouth Argyle last year.

Rooney scored the winning goal, bringing Derby to Man Utd in the fifth round of the FA Cup

Rooney scored the winning goal, bringing Derby to Man Utd in the fifth round of the FA Cup

Wayne Rooney will have the opportunity to reunite his former team Man Utd after passing Derby with Northampton 4-2. At Pride Park, Rooney scored the fourth goal for Derby.

From the 11m mark, he contributed to the team’s 4-2 victory over Northampton. Thus, the British veteran striker will meet Man Utd in the fifth round of the FA Cup. This is the team where he scored 253 goals in 559 appearances.

Rooney is the all-time leading goalscorer for Man Utd and England. The 34-year-old star and the Red Devils won as many major titles as the five Premier League champions.

Rooney 'xát muối' vào CĐV MU trước đại chiến Derby - MU | Cúp FA

According to the previous draw result, defending champion Man City will visit Sheffield Wednesday, the team playing in the English First Division. Meanwhile, the most traditional rich club in the FA Cup, Arsenal will only have to meet Portsmouth.

Liverpool with a squad of young talents had a 1-0 victory over Shrewsbury Town in the rematch to continue. The Kop’s rival Chelsea is really formidable.

Unlike the previous rounds, matches in the FA Cup fifth round will not play again. If the game is inconclusive after 90 minutes, the two teams will enter 30 minutes of extra time. And it may be penalty shootout to determine the team to go on.

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Although Derby County suffered a heavy 3-0 defeat and Rooney could not score. But no MU fan can hate him. They still clapped at his steps. The 19-year-old then joined the world’s greatest club for a record fee at the time. That alone is enough to see the pressures that await Rooney ahead.

And then, all that the Bald Guy left at Old Trafford was history. From a promising young player, after five months he gradually became an irreplaceable name. He was famous for the 4-4-2 tactic of Sir Alex.

MU’s final FA Cup match under Sir Alex Ferguson

Chelsea have been preparing for this match when taking a few key players against Southampton took place the previous weekend. Unfortunately, the Blues of Rafa Benitez did not get the best results and spirit because they had to lose 1-2 against their opponents.

On the Manchester United side, coach Ferguson also made certain calculations for the trip to Chelsea. He gave Evra and Cleverley a break in the weekend match against Sunderland in the English Premier League.

That is almost the Premier League title firmly in hand when more than Man City to 15 points. MU aims to win the title double by overcoming Chelsea to win tickets to the FA Cup semi-finals.

Sir Alex Ferguson nói câu gì đầu tiên sau khi tỉnh lại?

Entering this match, Chelsea and Manchester United entered the battle very cautiously with fierce disputes in the middle area. The Reds dominate possession of the ball, but do not have many real dangerous opportunities.

During the first 45 minutes, the most dangerous opportunity that MU created was a long shot of midfielder Nani. They startled goalkeeper Petr Cech, who had to use the foot to block the ball.

In contrast to Man Utd, with the advantage of playing in front of the home crowd, the Chelsea players have a better match. It is shown by the number of attacks of the home team towards the goal of De Gea. In the first half, Chelsea launched up to 8 shots.

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Senegal striker Demba Ba has always been a big threat to the MU defense. Like in the 31st minute, Demba Ba came down to pick up the pass of midfielder Eden Hazard. Then he shot very quickly but did not beat goalkeeper David De Gea.

In the 49th minute, Demba Ba succeeded in catching the speed of the ice down to catch the long pass of midfielder Juan Mata. Although in a slightly posture but the 27-year-old striker still threw the volley with his right foot to send the ball over the head of goalkeeper De Gea and then always go into the net.

Defeating Leeds, Arsenal won tickets to the fourth round of the FA Cup

Defeating Leeds, Arsenal won tickets to the fourth round of the FA Cup

Arsenal won tickets to the fourth round of the FA Cup after beating Leeds 1-0. In the fourth round of the FA Cup, Arsenal played at home against Leeds.

Determined to win the highest record in this playground, coach Mikel Arteta launched the team of many pillars. Therefore, he entered the confidence and mastery of the game.

However, Leeds show that they are not easy opponents to bully. Village coach Marcelo Bielsa has directed his students to play close to each other way. That was making Arsenal difficult to deploy attacks because of the lack of playing space.

Portsmouth vs Arsenal: Pháo Thủ tìm lại niềm vui [2h45, 3/3]

During the first half of the match, Arsenal did not create a chance to score really delicious. Meanwhile, Leeds proved particularly dangerous in the quick counterattack. If goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez did not play well, the home team may have conceded in the first.

In the second half, coach Mikel Arteta asked the game players to be more confident, more daring. Arsenal organized the attack on the right wing in 55 minutes, Lacazette had a horizontal line.

The ball hit the defender’s foot to the position of Reiss Nelson, this player definitely opened the match. The opening goal of Reiss Nelson made Leeds fighting morale significantly reduced. However, the students of coach Marcelo Bielsa still cause a lot of difficulties for Arsenal.

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The evidence is that they still have good opportunities, but the goal of goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has prevented the visitors from celebrating the goal.

At the end of the game, Leeds tried very hard to find a goal, but Arsenal played well to protect their achievements. In the end, coach Mikel Arteta and the students won 1-0 against Leeds to win tickets to play in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

Rules and format of the FA Cup tournament

Rules and format of the FA Cup tournament

There are many major tournaments that attract the attention of many fans such as the World Cup, Europa League and many club-level leagues from around the world.

And the club level that attracts the most viewers is the FA Cup, the highest league in the UK. So what is FA Cup like?

The FA Cup tournament is also known as The FA Cup. That’s the acronym for “The Football Association Challenge Cup”. The FA Cup in England is one of the oldest club-level competitions in the world. Currently, this FA Cup tournament is also known as The FA Cup with Budweiser, named after The Football Association.

FA Cup là gì? Quy định và hình thức của giải đấu | Eqn.com.vn

After that, the FA gradually became a tournament that attracted the most attention. Many imprints are established when anonymous small teams are able to clash and defeat teams that are higher than themselves. More and more the tournament is attracting more viewers because of its surprise and appeal.

In 1895, for the first time in the history of the FA Cup tournament was stolen from the champion team. That year, after Aston Villa won the championship, their Cup was stolen by a thief from the club’s showroom.

Up to now, 737 teams in the UK have participated in this tournament. The tournament takes place from September and ends in May every year. To win this first tournament requires a club to play from the preliminary to the final.

The FA Cup first-place winner gets a ticket to the group stage of the Europa League. This tournament is constantly changing as more and more teams attend.

The clubs in the tournament will compete in the form of knockout. Clubs make it to the quarter-finals of the tournament when they finish 5 rounds of competition in the tournament. The remaining 8 clubs will participate in the semi-finals together. In the end, there were only 2 teams left to participate in the final to find the champion of the tournament.

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Starting in the 2017-2018 season, the highest tournament in England officially changed the format for the quarterfinals. Also from here, if they tie in 90 minutes of official play, both teams will have to continue to play 30 minutes of extra time. In the end, they will still have to end the match with a Penalty kick to choose the winner.

But there is also an FA Cup tournament which adds a new rule that clubs will have the right to replace up to 4 when playing extra time. This is one of the rules of English football that aims to make the tournament more attractive and dramatic. As well as helping the club when playing in the tournament to reduce the pressure when having to play with great intensity.

Just the FA Cup is not enough for Arsenal

Just the FA Cup is not enough for Arsenal

Arsenal won by Aaron Ramsey’s extra-time goal. They ended Arsenal’s nine-year loss. But if we talk about the class story, we can see Arsenal almost still standing still. Anh even when they have 2 consecutive years of owning the oldest trophy in this world. During this time, Arsenal from the second position in the Premier League has dropped to fourth.

After 11 seasons, Chelsea from a club 50 years unknown to the throne of English football, has 4 times crowned. And they even won one Champions League title, one Europa League championship. Just over half a decade, Man City also twice had the honor of standing on the top of the Premier League. And Arsenal, that is by the other way.

During the last 10 Premier League seasons, the Gunners have never been in the Top 2. In those 10 seasons, Arsenal has never been considered a real candidate for the Premier League throne.

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That’s what Arsene Wenger needs to think about. Arsenal could not be satisfied with just picking up the FA Cup, though it was of course still considered a title.

Why should Arsenal not be happy with the FA Cup championship? Both articles are directed to a goal called aspiration. Arsenal has never been a weak club. At any given moment, they have superstars who can shake the Premier League. But it seems that the lack of desire to fight has dragged the Gunners down in the deciding races.

It’s been a long time, Arsene Wenger has a new and potential player of the present. Hopefully, compared to the FA Cup throne last season, Arsenal will not consider the FA Cup championship a liberating title. It should only be considered a spiritual lever, a catalyst for Arsenal to seriously return to the goal of conquering the Premier League.

The highlights Man United 2-0 Brighton Into the FA Cup semi-final

The highlights Man United 2-0 Brighton Into the FA Cup semi-final

The win over Brighton is enough for Jose Mourinho to reassure United fans. And he did this even though MU’s gameplay has not really prospered. In fact, Jose Mourinho’s students entered the determination and repeatedly cornered the opponent in the first 30 minutes of the first half.

However, after Lukaku’s goal, they fell back and took the initiative. He gave way to the opponent. It took until 87 minutes for Matic to score the winner for Old Trafford.

The Portuguese tactician seemed to want to assert that he was always right. And his play will still be so before the scrutiny of the British media for him.

Quyết định đúng đắn nhất của ông lần này là việc sử dụng bộ đôi tiền vệ trung tâm Matic - McTominay.

The ineffective performance since joining Old Trafford is a condition for Sanchez to sit out in the match against Brighton. Obviously, Mourinho did that. He replaced Sanchez with Mata and MU had more sharp attack solutions.

Besides, Lukaku plays more and more progressive and is a rare bright spot in the Reds squad recently. The Belgian striker always played aggressively, enthusiastically and especially trying. Lukaku’s deadlock goal is very important in the context that MU is gradually going into an ineffective trail.

On the Matic side, the Serbian continued to show his bravery despite the home team losing the initiative to the opponent. Calm and precision of Matic is always necessary in the context that Mourinho needs a person to regulate the pace of the game.

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The goals set to win 2-0 at 87 minutes by midfielder is the end of all efforts of Brighton. However, the face that Jose Mourinho teachers and students show is not enough to make the fans satisfied.

Obviously, the impression of the practicality that Mourinho brings is very bold through the direction of the players. They actively gave the game to the opponent at the beginning of the second half.

Mourinho and the days of teaching English football

Mourinho and the days of teaching English football

Nobody thought about the tragedy for MU. Their opponent is Porto, defending champion UEFA Cup, but MU’s squad is simply stronger in every route.

The then 41-year-old military leader, Jose Mourinho, ran from the training area all the way to celebrate with the players. When the referee blew the final whistle, Mourinho ran again to celebrate, his hands raised his index finger triumphantly before entering the tunnel.

Mourinho has stepped into the world like that. After MU, the opponents that Porto defeated were the less traditional in the most prestigious arena in Europe. But if you know Deportivo has beaten AC Milan champions 4-0 at Riazor.

Mourinho’s future was already determined. It is the Premier League. Roman Abramovich with a bottomless wallet with Chelsea took Mourinho to Stamford Bridge. They want to overthrow the tournament dominated by MU and Arsenal.

Before long, England was only accustomed to ironic statements coming from a single name: Sir Alex Ferguson. But in terms of blood and nosy, Mourinho is completely superior. In terms of conservatism, English football always believes that it is the best in Europe and the competition here creates superiority. But Mourinho denied it all.

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The difference in the tactical structure makes Chelsea almost destroy the whole tournament in strength. One of Chelsea’s most memorable matches was the victory against MU at Old Trafford in round 33. Mourinho’s starting line-up with Glen Johnson kicked the right striker.

Van Nistelrooy put MU ahead, but three goals from Tiago, Gudjohnsen and Joe Cole helped Chelsea win 3-1. MU then completely helpless before Chelsea.

At the end of the season, Chelsea lost 1 match, won the championship with 95 points and only 15 goals lost. That score was later only Pep Guardiola’s Man City fell, and the record for the number of goals conceded still stands.

The second season at Chelsea, Mourinho lost more but still champion with style unmistakable. MU once again became a painful victim of the Blues. Chelsea then hosted a direct competitor to the championship at home. MU must win if they want to maintain hope but what they get is a 3-3 defeat.

Ronaldinho lost the match against the prisoners

Ronaldinho lost the match against the prisoners

After turning the hero in a previous futsal tournament, Ronaldinho unexpectedly became a general at Piki Volley in prison. In early March, the former Barca player made a fever when scoring 5 goals and 6 assists in the 11-2 victory in the final. He helped his team win the futsal tournament of Agrupacion Especializada prison.

Fed up with futsal, Ronaldinho switched to playing volleyball with his feet. A recent video shows a former Brazilian player playing volleyball with his feet. They held it in the middle of the sand in the prison, which delighted the fans.

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In Paraguay, people call this sport Piki Volley, players often use futsal shoes and play on clay courts. In prison, Ronaldinho played the game on the sand. In addition to the Piki Volley game, Globo revealed Ronaldinho was also practicing woodwork.

Paraguay media revealed in a mini Piki Volley tournament held by prisoners in a flash. Ronaldinho was defeated by two other opponents. The format of the Piki Volley game is two prisoners pairing up with each other. Each team cannot touch the ball more than 3 times. Together with another inmate, Ronaldinho lost in the second round of the tournament.

The two prisoners who made Ronaldinho the defeated general in Piki Volley were really formidable opponents. Ramirez had to serve 18 years in prison after murdering a man in 2018. Martinez was sentenced to 10 years for stealing money from the police department.

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Agrupacion Especializada is a famous prison in the capital Asuncion. It used to detain many sarcastic criminals of Paraguay. Prominent among them is the Brazilian drug lord Marcelo Pinheiro Veiga. He is also known by the nickname Marcelo Piloto, the boss of Comando Vermelho gang.

Despite just losing the Piki Volley game, Ronaldinho is still a popular name in prison. ESPN reveals that Ronaldinho still plays football every day and sometimes teaches you to do some soccer techniques. He is also the idol of many prisoners and prison staff, when they ask for autographs continuously.